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Xinda Plastic ColorPrinting Package Factory, located in Tieling Economic Development Zone,Liaoning China, is a professional enterprise manufacturing plastic colorprinting packages and compound packages.

After twenty years’painstaking management and struggle, our customers has increased from theinitially very few to the nowadays all over the country, and presently we are intendingto prosper all over the world. The praises and recognition of our clients isour greatest incentive, leading us through various world economic crisis witheasiness, enabling us to grow till today with full harvest, and further marchingto the world.

Good quality products are not made by tongues, but by thoughtfulhearts. Ten years ago we destroyed a batch of poor quality products with avalue of half a million U.S. Dollars. At the moment of destroying,  many workers had tears in their eyes, but theymade up their minds that they would do their job well in each procedure,letting the poor quality products die out in the bud. We are thankful to our conscientiousworkers. It’s just them who hold up the wide and blue sky of our enterprise.This sky belongs to you too. It’s being held up for all the users in the world.You are making various sorts of good quality products, and you are the redflowers; our fine professional packages are green leaves, we are always readyto accompany you to any corner of the world to warm up millions of families !


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